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Up dates

Messaggioda Giovanna » mar mag 27, 2008 12:23 am

The male in Rome fledged on May 21st and the female on May 22nd.
We were very concerned about Ponentino (the male): nobody was able to spot him or find him after he fledged.
Tati (the female) fledged successfully and was spotted many times on the roofs around the nest, also fed by her parents.
Finally, yesterday evening, Niseema was able to see both the juvies together on different ledges of the University building. The parents were also visible around there, so NO DOUBT the two juvies are both safe and sound!!!
Yes, the nest is empty and this is a bit sad, but they are now learning to become accomplished falcons and we can hope for the best.
The guys in Rome really did a good job! They never left until they could find the "little one".

The chicks in Florence are hard to catch on the cam, true.. Soon it will be time to fledge for them too..
Paolo (Raptorbiol) told us it's too difficult to climb there to band them, so it has been decided to leave them unbanded; it's too much trouble for the little ones too.

The Bologna juvies are doing very well. A couple of friends living nearby go to the towers every day and have spotted them. A bad moment for the female who put one talon into a net and was unable to get free for a while.. then she succeeded in flying safely away.

(The unusual fluency of this post is due to Warbler's help.
A big thank you, Anna! :D :wink: )
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