Falchi pellegrini a Scarborough, Ontario - Canada

Qui è possibile inserire le immagini provenienti dalle birdcam del mondo
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Falchi pellegrini a Scarborough, Ontario - Canada

Messaggio da Sonia » gio feb 28, 2008 10:19 pm

NEWS da Joyce da parte di Mark Nash!

Re: Mark Nash Shares News from Scarborough, ONT
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By Joice

FOLLOW UP...On January 4, 2008 Mark Nash notified some of the Kfalconcam members that...

"We have finally been able to get a positive identification on one of the two Pefa's that have been calling this neck of the woods home for the past months. On Dec. 31st/2007, one of the CPF volunteers - Bruce Massey 's efforts paid off, and he was able to positively confirm the band number of the Pefa now calling the Bell building at Pharmacy and Eglinton her turf. This is the same building that we used for this past summers hack of four orphaned peregrine chicks that came to us from Quebec .

It is confirmed that we have a juvenile female - 91 over V - holding (and protecting) this territory, and its LINN from Rochester 2007!! She still dawns her red tape over the Silver USFW band.

LINN has been exhibiting very territorial behavior – (as she has been observed defending the Bell building on three different occasions over the past two weeks) while chasing off the local red-tails as they fly over and around of the Bell building."

She can be seen regularly roosting on the Bell building, - next to the hack box, and seems to be calling the building her own – (at least for the time being). She is no longer is being observed on the Water storage tank at Warden and Eglinton, as we pass both these places daily as we go into the CPF head office.

Sadly, we have not seen the adult male that was hanging around with her when she was roosting on the Water storage tank."

foto di Nash di nov 07


altre info precedenti
http://www.buffalofalcons.com/forum/ind ... opic=283.0

a me sembra di capire che verrà attivata una cam, se non è così, tolgo il topic dalle cam :lol:
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Messaggio da Giovanna » gio feb 28, 2008 10:30 pm

Splendida notizia!
:D :D :D
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