Agrippina e Vespasiano

La stagione riproduttiva 2022 in 1 ora. Dal 6 Aprile al 19 maggio.

Da tempo Ornis italica ha installato una cassetta nido sulla torre del Centro Idrico ACEA di Monte Mario a Roma, sospettando che fosse un luogo di nidificazione ambito per i falchi pellegrini romani. Monitorandola con sopralluoghi annuali, nel 2021 abbiamo ricevuto la felice conferma: il nido è stato occupato da una coppia, che insieme a voi abbiamo deciso di chiamare Agrippina e Vespasiano! Si ringrazia ACEA per la disponibilità e il supporto tecnico alla gestione della cassetta nido.

Immagine in evidenza di Gianluca Damiani.

Dal 2004 Ornis italica, l’associazione di ricercatori promotrice del progetto, si occupa dell’istallazione e della gestione di webcam su nidi di uccelli. Tutte le webcam trasmettono le immagini online nel sito

Seguite Agrippina, Vespasiano e i loro pulcini in tempo reale.

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Dal 6 Aprile al 19 maggio in 1 ora .

Da tempo Ornis italica ha installato una cassetta nido sulla torre del Centro Idrico ACEA di Monte Mario a Roma, sospettando che fosse un luogo di nidificazione ambito per i falchi pellegrini romani. Monitorandola con sopralluoghi annuali, nel 2021 abbiamo ricevuto la felice conferma: il nido è stato occupato da una coppia, che insieme a voi abbiamo deciso di chiamare Agrippina e Vespasiano! Si ringrazia ACEA per la disponibilità e il supporto tecnico alla gestione della cassetta nido.

Immagine in evidenza di Gianluca Damiani.

Dal 2004 Ornis italica, l’associazione di ricercatori promotrice del progetto, si occupa dell’istallazione e della gestione di webcam su nidi di uccelli. Tutte le webcam trasmettono le immagini online nel sito

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  • Agrippina e Vespasiano 2022 • The Top 5 Exotic Reptiles for sale at the Zoo

    Are you currently hunting for a new pet? If that is so, you could be interested in exotic reptiles. These creatures have plenty of character and may be rather the companion. In this post, we'll focus on what an exotic reptile is, what varieties of creatures can be found available for purchase, and provide tips about buying and caring for them. So no matter if you are curious about acquiring a new pet or just want to learn more about these fascinating animals, Read more!


    What is an exotic reptile?
    You will find nothing at all like using a tiny exotic reptile in your home - they're just so fascinating! But before you head out and buy your really individual, it is vital to find out a bit about them 1st. An exotic reptile is really a pet that's not Generally present in The us or Canada. They can be kept as Animals, useful for exploration or enjoyment uses, or maybe Utilized in advertising. Some of the far more popular unique reptiles include iguanas, lemurs, and lizards. It is vital to exploration which kind of unique reptile is ideal for you prior to acquiring it – some require certain treatment Directions or costly machines. So, if you're considering incorporating an exotic reptile to your property, you should definitely do your analysis very first!

    Forms of unique reptiles available for sale: Chameleons
    On the subject of unique reptiles, the options are countless. There are a variety of differing types of reptiles available for sale, from sloths to iguanas to tarantulas. Many of these animals are fairly hazardous, so make sure you check with a specialist before you make a purchase. Moreover, be ready to fork out a significant price for these animals – they're not low cost! In terms of picking out the correct exotic reptile for yourself, Ensure that you research the particular sort of reptile you happen to be thinking about. This will allow you to make an educated final decision and make sure you might be obtaining a reptile that is compatible with all your residence and Life-style.

    How to find and purchase an exotic reptile
    There is no doubt that owning an exotic reptile is a thrilling practical experience. But picking out the proper one can be challenging. That's why it's important to go to the trouble to analysis the different sorts of reptiles in existence. Once you've finished your research, it is time to stop by a handful of licensed dealers. You should definitely check with about warranties and insurance selections before you make a acquire. If all goes very well, you can soon be considered a very pleased operator of the unique reptile!

    Unique Reptiles
    Exotic reptiles really are a incredibly hot commodity lately, and permanently reason. These astounding animals present a unique encounter that is certainly hard to find in other places. From iguanas to lemurs to snakes, there is a reptile for everybody. Nonetheless, not all unique reptiles are made equivalent. Be sure you investigate the species you happen to be keen on ahead of purchasing – some call for Distinctive care and lodging. Also, be prepared to supply your very own cage, food items, and fencing or simply a screened enclosure if needed. When you have your dog, make sure to maintain it properly-fed, exercised, and entertained with an abundance of enjoy and a spotlight.

    Chameleons are certainly one of the preferred exotic reptiles available for purchase, and for good rationale! They come in a range of colors and patterns that make them very unique and beautiful. In addition, they require a large amount of care but These are surely worth it eventually. You can find chameleons readily available all around the earth, so You can find sure to be one which is perfect for you - it doesn't matter what your Way of life or interests could possibly be! So if you are at any time aiming to insert some personality to your private home ecosystem or want some thing various than common pets can offer, chameleons ought to certainly major your list.

    Ball Python
    Ball pythons are some of the most popular reptiles on the market, and forever reason. They're straightforward to deal with, make excellent pets, and usually incredibly relaxed and helpful. Even so, if their territory is threatened they may become protecting. Ball pythons may also be identified to be one of the longest dwelling snakes - quite a few achieving twenty-twenty five years old! If You are looking for an unique pet that's certain to be a success with All your family members or good friends, a ball python would make an incredible option.

    Capuchin monkey
    If you're looking for an unique pet that's also rather intelligent, the capuchin monkey could be a good option. These monkeys are indigenous to South America and therefore are considered to be One of the more smart primates. They make fantastic pets due to their playful and social nature. Selling prices commence from around $a hundred and go up depending upon the kind and sizing from the monkey. So in case you are thinking about obtaining a monkey as your up coming pet, now is certainly some time!

    Unique Reptiles available for sale
    Incorporating an unique reptile to your private home can be quite a enjoyable and fulfilling knowledge. These animals originate from all around the planet, so you are confident to find a thing that appeals to you personally. Most exotic reptiles need regular workout and plenty of space to roam, so you should definitely have both equally in advance of buying one. And be familiar with the care needs for these animals - quite a few demand Distinctive weight loss plans or specialized housing ailments. Should you be in the market for an exotic reptile, Make sure you do your investigation and seek advice from with an expert. They might provide you with all the data you must make an knowledgeable determination.

    Chameleons available for purchase
    Chameleons are some of the most well-liked reptiles on sale as of late. They occur in a number of hues and styles, creating them pretty special searching pets. Moreover, they demand a great deal of treatment but with just the appropriate research you will find one particular that should be ideal for your home. They make fantastic very first pets for youths because they are so docile and simple to take care of - not forgetting their unique seems make them definitely stick out!

    Ball Python For Sale
    Ball Pythons are surely among the much more special snakes on the market. If you are someone that enjoys reptiles and is looking for something unusual, this might be the snake for you personally! These snakes need a good amount of Area to roam and Enjoy - so if you live in a small apartment or don't have an adequate backyard, It really is most likely not a good selection for yourself. Nonetheless, they make terrific pet snakes that happen to be fairly simple to care for. They also have a lifetime warranty, meaning that if everything takes place in your ball python for the duration of its lifetime, they may change it totally free.

    Capuchin monkey available for sale
    In case you are searching for an unique pet, a capuchin monkey is an excellent selection. They can be intelligent and playful animals that make good members of the family. Not to mention, they don't involve Significantly Place - creating them an ideal preference In case you have confined living Place or merely want pets that don't acquire up excessive of your time and efforts. To ensure you get the very best deal with a capuchin monkey, be sure you research both of those the obtainable solutions and the person vendor prior to making your acquire. There are lots of scammers to choose from who will try and offer you an unhealthy animal for an expensive selling price - so it is vital to try and do your homework 1st!

    Monkeys available for sale
    When you are seeking an exotic reptile so as to add some pleasure and exciting to your house, monkeys can be a great selection. They come in all sizes and styles, from tiny boas to significant gorillas - so There may be certain to be a person that matches your requirements. Be sure to exploration the species of monkey prior to making a invest in, as some demand Distinctive treatment (like staying kept indoors). And if you need to do determine acquiring one particular, do not forget to obtain a licence! Monkeys can be energetic and entertaining animals but In addition they require an abundance of space (and foods)to live comfortably.

    Pet Monkeys available for sale
    Seeking a exciting and exciting addition to your home? Why not attempt acquiring a pet monkey? These intriguing creatures make excellent home pets and are noted for their playful mother nature. Don't just that, However they will also be utilised as investigation animals in numerous labs throughout the world. Therefore if you're looking for one thing distinct to add to your daily life, Pet Monkeys may be the best alternative!

    Wellbeing look after unique reptiles
    When it comes to unique reptiles, there is a great deal of information to soak up. That's why it's important to possess your dog lizard health checked routinely by a veterinarian. By doing this, you will know if there's any underlying health problems that need to be addressed. Besides common health checks, be sure you give your lizard with an abundance of fresh new water and food, and retain its cage clear and dry all the time. Make certain to understand the fundamentals of exotic reptile care before you buy - in this way, you will have an improved concept of Whatever you're getting oneself into. If you are all set to add an unique reptile to your family, ensure to check out our variety of reptiles available. We've got various reptiles which might be great for both of those starter and professional reptile house owners alike!

    Commonly Requested Inquiries

    What are several of the preferred unique reptiles for sale?
    On the subject of exotic reptiles available for purchase, some of the preferred selections include things like American Alligators, Chinese Agamas, and Iguana. Prior to deciding to make your obtain, always do your analysis and question all over to find out if anyone has any recommendations or recommendations. It's also vital to make certain that the reptile you're obtaining has long been raised adequately and is also in excellent health and fitness. Make sure to get from a reputable vendor who will present in depth information about the animal's historical past and cage situations.

    How can I find a reliable breeder of unique reptiles?
    When it comes to getting a trustworthy breeder of exotic reptiles like snakes, lizards, and turtles, it is best to do your exploration initial. Test contacting reptile golf equipment or societies close to you and inquire all around for suggestions. You can even seem on the net for testimonials and rating Sites to receive an idea of the quality of the breeder you are considering. Furthermore, it is beneficial to satisfy the animal your self so that you can get a way of their identity and ensure They are going to be compatible with All your family members's Life-style.

    What must I do if I plan to obtain an exotic reptile?
    For anyone who is considering purchasing an unique reptile, it is important to to start with Make certain that you do have a license and registered animal. 2nd, investigate the particular reptile you have an interest in buying to acquire an strategy in their dimension and type. Third, select an correct property for the new pet - think of if it should be able to accommodate the reptile's requires. Fourth, make sure that you have more than enough Place for your animal and food and drinking water bowls.

    Are there any hazards related to getting an exotic reptile?
    Usually there are some dangers connected to buying an exotic reptile, but these can typically be minimized by consulting with a reptile qualified beforehand. A number of the popular challenges incorporate incorrect kinds of exotic reptiles staying offered to individuals, animals escaping and getting to be shed, and unhealthy pets that may have parasites or other medical issues. Always you should definitely are getting the suitable sort of unique reptile - there are many differing kinds obtainable in the marketplace, and never all of these are balanced or Harmless. Make sure to maintain your pet reptiles indoors in the perfectly-lit area in which they can't escape. In case you at any time have any concerns or worries regarding your pet reptiles, Do not wait to Speak to customer service for support.

    Seeking an exotic reptile to include to your collection? Search no further! Our website has every thing you have to know about acquiring and caring for unique reptiles. From the kinds of reptiles for sale to wellbeing care, we've coated all of it! So what are you awaiting? Start out browsing our blog currently and discover almost everything you need to know about exotic reptiles available for sale.

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