Alex and Vergine


Alex and Vergine nest in a nestbox installed on the highest water tower in Rome, at the spring of the Acqua Vergine, which has been providing water to the centre of the city for centuries. In 2019 a new non-ringed male, Alex II, has taken the place of the old one.

Since 2004 Ornis italica, the association of ornithologists running the project, is in charge of installing and maintaining webcams on the nests of wild birds. All webcams broadcast to

Work in progress

Our nest boxes are perfect for falcons but often not easily accessible by humans. We’re delaying maintenance to avoid any disturbance to the couple during egg-laying, the most delicate phase of the breeding season. We’ll restore the webcam as soon as we can be sure we are not interfering with it.

We thank ACEA for the availability and technical support in managing this nest box.